1891-1914 Antique French Limoge Bowl A Lanternier Pink Chrysanthemums #16747

Item number: 16747

This antique French Limoge bowl has the A Lanternier stamp that dates from 1891-1914. This uncommon pink and green flower motif is called Pink Chrysanthemums. This bowl is not shallow and it could be called a berry bowl or a soup bowl.

Medium in size, the bowl is 6" wide x 1 5/8" tall or 15.3 cm x 3.7 cm. This bowl has been in one of my glass curio cabinets untouched for over 30 years. The bowl is in excellent condition for age. It is pristine clean and the gloss clear coating is not dull or worn. There are no chips, flakes, cracks, or repairs. The pink and green decor is in excellent condition.

*There are a couple of very tiny frit marks in the inside bottom of the bowl. 

One of the smaller flowers on the rim; the impression didn't take 100% as there is a ledge on the top of the bowl: an awkward spot for the impression to print. There are only traces of gold left around the rim. It doesn't look like this bowl has ever been used but many moons ago, the gold probably was worn from someone trying to wash the bowl. The bottom of the bowl is clean and perfect.