Cobra Snake Skin Vintage Purse Big Grey Portfolio Handbag w Coin Purse #15668

Item number: 15668

Hand made in the 1940-1950 era, this large genuine Asian Cobra snake skin purse is a large portfolio style hand bag.

There are many different styles of vintage snakeskin handbags, but Cobra skin bags are next to impossible to find. Someone used the bag before I owned it but it has been stored away for over 30 years.

I have treated the bag with reptile skin conditioner spray so the snakeskin is not dry or flakey. The light grey, dark grey, and white mottled snakeskin on the exterior is in excellent condition. There are no breaks or tears, no loose stitching, no stains, no missing or worn snakeskin.

The handbag has the original matching snakeskin strap intact and in good shape. There is also a matching coin purse inside that has never been used and is in like new condition.

This large rectangular design is pleated on the sides and has one large pocket the full width and height of the bag on the back. The inside is one large compartment with another portfolio style full width pocket on the front, under the flap. There is also one silk gathered/pleated pocket on the inside back. The inside is lined with nutmeg colored silk that has some signs of wear.

*There is an ink stain in the bottom corner that is faint that I cannot photograph. There are other small and light stain spots on the silk as well. The snakeskin only has some very minor normal wear on the bottom outside corners from sitting or standing in place. There is no label inside and the bag is not signed.

The bag measures 8 1/4" tall x 12 1/2" wide or 21 cm x 32 cm. The matching coin purse is about 3" square.