Antique Glass Souvenir Mug Danville PA Victorian Gold Collectible Cup #15799

Item number: 15799

Why collect antique glass souvenir mugs and cups ? I'll tell you why! First of all, Im not talking about tall glass cups that were made in the 1950s and 1960s. Im talking about much earlier glass mugs and cups that were made around the turn of the century. Most were either clear, green, or ruby flashed glass with gold lettering and accents.

The clear glass cups with gold accents are harder to find than ruby flashed glass. Collect them for their ornate, unique designs and collect them because they were made in the USA. The more ornate, the rarer the cup. Go to any US city today, and you get a T-shirt or something made of cheap plastic from China. Real made in the USA souvenirs don't exist anymore.

You don't need to collect antique souvenir mugs because you like the town or city. Collect them for the craftsmanship. It doesn't matter if some of the gold is worn as long as the cups you collect do not have any cracks, chips, or repairs.

This antique clear glass souvenir mug is an elegant slender design with twisted panels, gold beaded dividers, glass baubles at the base, and an ornate knobbed gold handle. The bottom has a unique molded star pattern. The cup is hand signed Souvenir of Danville Pa.

The gold on this cup as well as the gold lettering is in excellent condition with very little wear. The glass is in excellent clean condition with no cloudiness or staining. The cup is in perfect condition all around with no chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs.

The cup is very weighty as it is old lead glass crystal. It is 3 1/4" tall x 3 1/4" wide with handle or 83 mm x 83 mm.