12kt GF Art Deco Designer Necklace w Bracelet Silver Gold Aquamarine by Louis Stern #15454

Item number: 15454

This vintage 1940s necklace and bracelet parure looks silver but both pieces are signed 1/20 12kt Gold Filled. This set is gold filled and the other finishing metals are sterling and rhodium. This very unusual parure is signed L.S. Co., which stands for Louis Stern of Providence RI, who was in business from about 1870 to 1950.

The design is very 1940s, sort of Art Nouveau meets Art Deco and the Fleur de Lis or floral settings feature deep teal Aquamarine gemstones in faceted diamond cuts.

The necklace is an antique styled choker at 15" long. The bracelet is 7" long. The flat "tank track" mesh bracelet is a little bit wider than the necklace. The mesh on the necklace is 1/2" or 13 mm wide and the mesh on the bracelet is 5/8" or 17 mm wide.

This set has never been worn and both pieces are in pristine like new microscopically clean condition with no imperfections or flaws. There is no metal wear and the clasps are like new as well. The floral motif medallions are perfect with no scratches, dings, or wear. The Aquamarine gemstones are flawless.

Both pieces are signed L.S.Co, 1/20 12kt GF.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in new presentation jewelry boxes.