Rare 1970s Vintage Necklace Sterling Agate White Quartz Jewelry #16091

Item number: 16091

This long necklace is a unique handmade treasure. It was made in Mexico in the 1970s and is loaded with hand cut and hand polished quartz beads, black onyx beads, and spiral cut cinnamon agate barrel beads.

All of the gems are spaced with sterling silver tube beads and sterling ball beads. The 1960s fancy insert box clasp is sterling silver as well. All of the beads are polished to glossy perfection.

As for the quartz beads and the agate beads, no two are alike. They are all relatively uniform in size but are different according to how the beads were hand cut. Generally, the quartz beads are about 10 mm and the barrel agate beads are about 20 mm long.

You can double this necklace up or wear it as one long strand. Overall, it is about 37-38" long.

The entire necklace is in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections, flaws, or repairs. Some of the quartz beads appear to have cracks but it is only natural fissures in the quartz. The necklace is slightly weighty to wear because after all, it is made almost entirely of quartz and agate.