1930s Antique Victorian Jewelry Elegant 800 Silver Marcasite Brooch #14630

Item number: 14630

This elegant antique Marcasite ribbon brooch is a very old, very unique, and in superb condition. The design is Victorian however based on the style of the safety clasp and the hinge, this brooch was most likely made in the 1920-1930 era from a much older Victorian mold.

The brooch is made of solid and weighty 800 silver and the brooch is signed 800, CB. CB is designer's initials, probably from Germany, France, or the Netherlands.

The brooch has a large day lily flower at the center with all of the petals and stamens paved with faceted Marcasites. The elongated ribbons are twisted in sharp geometric angles and with four finials or arms between the four ribbons. All of the arms and ribbons are paved with faceted Marcasites as well.

This sparkling creation is medium large in size at 2 1/2" wide x 1 5/8" tall or 6.3 cm x 4.2 cm.

This is an exceptional Silver Marcasite brooch; a design that is very rare to find. In addition, the entire brooch is in spectacular sparkling condition with no signs of wear or damage. All of the Marcasites are original, present, perfect, and brilliant. There is no wear to the silver metal and no scratches or dings. The back has the original fine working safety clasp.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

You can add a silver brooch slider to convert this pin to a pendant by checking the option box. This brooch can be worn as a horizontal or a vertical pendant. Horizontal sliders come with a pair of silicon stoppers to hold slider in place.