Designer Vintage Bracelet w Earrings 1950s Citrine Crystal Bubbles #15838

Item number: 15838

Made in the 1950s, this vintage Citrine "bubble crystal" bracelet and clip earring parure is a rare find!


The set is not designer signed but the findings and composition point to Robert DeMario or Eugene.


This set is highly luminescent as the Topaz, Golden Yellow, and Clear round crystal beads are alive and glowing pools of jewels.
This crystal is not Pools of Light crystal, but the interior glowing quality is the same. The stacked cluster design is also extremely unique and adds endless color depth and light refraction.


In addition, all of the crystals that appear to be round are round or smooth on the tops, but faceted on the sides. Look at the back of the bracelet and you can see the unique network of gold gilt filigree and capped settings, and the unique gold filigree clasp. The five settings are also spaced by a double wired strand of Austrian Citrine faceted crystals.


The clip earrings have dangling crystals. All of the beads were hand wired in place. When clasped, the bracelet is 7 1/4" or cm long. Each crystal glass cluster on the bracelet is about 1" or 27 mm wide. The clip earrings are not heavy to wear and are medium in size at 1 1/2" long x 1 1/16" wide or 40 mm x 27 mm.


The entire set is in superb pristine clean collector condition with no imperfections or flaws. All of the crystals are perfect with no facet wear and no chips or cracks. The set is impeccably clean and bright. The gold is bright and clean as well with only a few very tiny scratches on the back of the bracelet, on the dome caps. The bracelet clasp is in perfect working order and the clips on the earrings are like new as well.


* If the bracelet is not long enough for you, it is possible to make it longer with the addition of some gold metal jump rings before the insert clasp. I can customize the length for you if you desire. Please email me and I will customize the bracelet length for you at no additional charge.


Comes with a free pair of new padded ear cushions for your wearing comfort. Comes gift wrapped in new luxury presentation jewelry boxes.