Gold Panel Bracelet Engraved Designs 1950s Vintage Jewelry #12712

Item number: 12712

This elegant 1950s vintage bracelet is a very unique style ! I have searched at least 50 different vintage jewelry books and spent hours online and I cannot find any design remotely similar to this one. The bracelet is not signed but Im certain it was either designer made in the US, Spain, or Italy in the 1950s.

The bracelet is a wide mesh and panel design. The mesh is yellow gold metal and the panels are raised with beveled or frame style edges. The panels are made of satin metal in elegant sea foam green and sea blue and alternate in color. The green and blue colors are not enamel and is anodized metal. The 5 square panels have engraved leaves revealing silver metal below.

The bracelet is a wide design that measures 7 1/4" long x 1" wide. It has a large hidden insert clasp and a gold metal safety chain. The entire bracelet is in pristine condition and appears to have never been worn. There is no loss of gold and no damage to the gold mesh. Even on the insert clasp, there is no loss of gold plating.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.