Antique Bavarian Bowl Hand Carved Wood w HP Flowers Early 20th C. #16421

Item number: 16421

I have loved this hand painted Bavarian bowl for many decades. I have a large collection of hand painted antique wooden plates and bowls but now it is time for me to reluctantly sell parts of my collection.


This bowl was made in the 1930-1940 era and it is not signed but I can assure you it is Bavarian. The bowl is old hand carved fruit wood and the hand painted flowers are primary colors. The artistry is spectacular and the red ribbon trim around the perimeter is impressive. I admire hand carved items like this because the bowl is somewhat oval, not perfectly round, as old hand carved items are uniquely hand made.


The bowl measures 10 1/2" wide with a 1" deep lip. A hanger could be added to the back for hanging, or it can be displayed on a plate easel, or laid on a table. I have kept this bowl unused in a curio cabinet for many decades. The entire bowl is in superb condition with no signs of wear and no imperfections or flaws.