Murano Glass Paperweight Vase Italian Millefiori 1950s Vintage #17094

Item number: 17094

Vintage Murano paperweight vases are rather uncommon to find. They were made in Murano in the 1940s and 1950s but only by a few glass blowing artists, and only for a brief period of time.


I've had this paperweight vase in my art glass collection for about 30 years in a protected glass display case. It has never been handled except for occasional cleaning. If you collect or want to collect Murano paperweight vases, be aware that not all vases are created equally. Many have vases that were poorly formed with caning that does not stretch the full length of the vase. Also, some do not have large paperweight bases, unlike this one.


This paperweight vase has a large paperweight base that is 2 5/8" or 6.7 cm wide. The vase is about 6 3/4" or 17 cm tall.


The paperweight has multicolored millefiori flower canes and large air pulled tear drop bubbles. The thick pulled glass vase is a perfectly formed; an even and full ruffle design in bright green with white canes pulled throughout the entire vase.


The entire vase and paperweight is in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no scratches, scuffs, chips, or cracks. The glass is crystal clear with no cloudiness or imperfections. The base has some very light microscopic signs of gentle wear from just resting in place. * The coffee cup in one image above is just to show the size scale.