Napier Signed Gold Hoop Clip Earrings Signed 1960s Vintage Jewelry #9165

Item number: 9165

Vintage Signed Napier jewelry from this era has skyrocketed in value and desire to collect. In the past several years, I have literally watched almost all designer vintage jewelry skyrocket. Collect what you can. Keep it in great shape. It is an investment that will insure a nest egg for you. Ill promise you this : Keep these earrings in great shape. Ive been collecting a very long time and the future of collecting designer vintage jewelry is already written.

Napier 1960s gold hoop earring designs are hard to find in great condition like this pair. Women wore them, alot. They abused them. Never realized they would have designer collectable value. They got lost, ruined, etc. They became victims in the bottom of every ladies pocketbook.

The earrings have nice weight and have a polished 14 kt gold gilt finish. This looks exactly like real gold and the Napier finish will never corrode, fade, or tarnish if well cared for. The double swagged hoops are raised or domed adding modern depth to the design.

The earrings are lever style screw backs and are in like new, mint condition and are exceptionally clean. The polished gold is like new. Each earring is signed twice with the Napier logo. They measure 1 1/2" long x 7/8" wide.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.