French Gripoix Glass Necklace w Earrings Pink n Orange 1940s Jewelry #10483

Item number: 10483

My heart leaps up when I behold old glass beads like these!


These rare glass beads are not Czech, Bohemian or Murano.
They are Gripoix French glass beads from the 1950s mixed with Austrian crystals.


This fascinating vintage glass necklace has unique colors of coral orange and opalescent light pink. The necklace is a very long flapper style and the earrings are the original matching earrings.


French glass is very different from other types of glass. The pink beads have a glowing opalescent quality. Some of these beads are baroque ovals, and some are 6 mm rounds with swirled canes.


The very unusual coral orange box beads have five sides. Three sides are flat with beveled edges and two sides are faceted into pyramids. These beads also have an amazing glowing effect as they are crackle glass with a fire polished finish.


The spacer beads are clear Austrian bicones crystals, clear heishis and fuchsia pink faceted flat wafers.


My photos nor my description truly do not do this Parure justice! French glass is something you can only love when you hold it in your hands and wear it.


The necklace is a whopping 54" long. The matching earrings are clips and are 1" wide. The beads on the earrings are wired and the backs are solid brass, with a patina from age. The clips are strong with tight snap. Both necklace and earrings are in pristine condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. The set is very clean as well.


Based on the design and the components used, I attribute this Parure to having been made in Austria in the 1950s. Some of the beads are Austrian while others were imported from France. The set is not signed.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in new presentation jewelry boxes.