Cobalt Venetian Glass Vintage Necklace 1970s Jewelry #16406

Item number: 16406

To the untrained eye, one might think this necklace is a new based on the colors. To the trained eye of an antique and vintage glass bead hound like me, these glass beads are not new, and are mouth blown wound beads made in Italy in the 1960-1970 era.


The largest beads are clear glass ribbed melons and they are 4 sided pinched beads. The mouth blown oval beads are clear and light green. All of the large and small beads are mouth blown wound beads with tiny air bubbles inside.

If you look closely at the small beads, you will see variations in size and shape, and some of the smaller rounds have a point or a nipple where the glass rod spun off the bead in a less than perfect fashion as they are hand made.


The pink beads are satin glass in both disk and tube shapes. Some of the cobalt glass beads are very odd and unusual shapes and they are mold pressed beads with visible mold lines on some.


The necklace is one continuous loop with no clasp and measure 41" or 104 cm long. The largest oval beads are 13 mm long. The entire necklace is in pristine clean sparkling condition with no signs of wear. There is one small cobalt bead that has a tiny chip, but you will be hard pressed to find it.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new luxury presentation necklace box.