Carved Pre-Ban Ivory Pin Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Flower Brooch #12763

Item number: 12763

This large hand carved Pre-Ban Ivory brooch was made in Hawaii. A resonance ping test will indicate what type of ivory this is. If you would like to know please ask.

The brooch is rather large at 2 3/4" long x 1 3/4" tall and is painted in bright tropical colors of lemon yellow, leaf green, and rose pink.The brooch is not signed but I recall having seen this pin once before identified as either a Ming or a John Roberts design. The original pin back is from the 1960s or 1970s.

The brooch is in excellent clean condition and the colors are not faded or worn. The tips of all the petals and leaves are perfect with no chips. The entire brooch is very pristine with no imperfections. You can get a better indication of the size by looking at the photo of the brooch in my hand.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.