Rainbow Rivoli Crystal Brooch Signed Weiss 1950s Jewelry #13861

Item number: 13861

When Weiss made this shocking Rivoli crystal brooch in the late 1950s or early 1960s, they were aiming to get their fair market share of a fashion fad that was sweeping the US. Women were going crazy over rainbow Rivoli crystal brooches and department stores couldn't keep them in stock.


No one knows which came first : the chicken or the egg.....no one knows what US jewelry designer started the shocking Rivoli crystal jewelry fashion wave. Some attribute the first designs to Schiaparelli, but there were a hand full of other designers who were on the same band wagon such as Sherman, Weiss, Delizza and Elster, and even Coro followed.


You've heard of watermelon crystals and peacock crystals. This big eye popping crystals are neither. These Rivolis are FIRE crystals. The main colors are shocking hot pink and orange, with flashes of purple, bright yellow, emerald, and cobalt.


This signed Weiss design is made of textured gold metal. The circular floral design measures 1 7/8" wide or 4.6 cm. The 6 Rivoli crystals around the perimeter are 9/16" wide or 1.5 cm. The one at the center is 5/8" wide or 1.6 cm.


The entire brooch is in pristine clean like new condition. It is microscopically clean and perfect with no chips, scratches, scuffs and all of the facets are razor sharp. Even under a loupe you will find this brooch perfect and pristine. There is no gold wear anywhere and the back has the original fine working safety clasp and the Weiss cartouche. The crystals are clean beyond imagination~ you wont even find any finger prints!


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.