Antique Gold Rococo Brooch w Chalcedony 1930s Jewelry #15018

Item number: 15018

Allow me tell you about one of the most unique antique brooches you will ever see. At first look, based on the style of hinge on the clasp, this brooch appears to have been made in Europe in the 1930s. However, the design of the brooch is not from the 1930s and this is certainly not a mass produced item.


The Neoclassical, French Baroque, or Rococo styling is from a much earlier period; the mid 18th century. This unique pillowed feather and flower motif with large Chalcedony gemstones was made using the lost wax method. It might have been made from an antique 18th century mold, but this is debatable. The brooch is made of antiqued brass in a puffed or pillow fashion and has no distinct shape.


The brooch has distinct French Rococo motif, a French art style that was strongly influenced by Neoclassical design.


This brooch looks very old and the 1930s style hinge is not a 100 % indicator of age. I could be completely fooled by the stainless steel hinge and double C clasp closure as it could have been added much later. It is a strong possibility that this piece could be much older because if you look closely at the back, there are open areas on each end. A leather strap might have been strung through the center, and this piece originally might have been a luggage tag or ornament on a piece of furniture. The back of the brooch is a separate piece of sheet brass, perfectly joined by hidden solder joints and the back is slightly concave; as if it was originally made to be affixed to something.


The large Chalcedony specimens are perfect opaque specimens in deep nutmeg orange with no variation in color and no inclusions.
The cabs are also in perfect condition with no scratches, scuffs, or chips. Only under high magnification can a few scant and tiny microscopic light scratches be detected.


This NeoClassical style brooch, whether made in the 1930s or earlier, is very elegant and unique. It is a large presentation piece at 2 1/4" wide x 1 7/8" tall or 57 mm x 48 mm. The large oval Chalcedony cab is 1" or 25 mm long.


The brooch is in exceptional condition all around with no signs of wear, no scuffs or scratches, and no dings or dents. The concave brass plate on the back has a light patina from age and some minor signs of gentle handling; hardly worth noting. The entire brooch is microscopically clean and bright.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.