Delizza Schiaparelli Vintage Jewelry Dazzling Pink Rhinestone Brooch #12426

Item number: 12426

This is a stunning and well made vintage 1950s designer brooch. The way in which it was made is very unique.


The brooch is not signed, but if you read the description, you might be able to decipher who it was made by.


This large flower design has big tear drop molded and faceted glass petals. The glass is pale Amethyst or light pink. The cabs have brilliant reflection as they have open backs. Look at the backs of the glass cabs and see the gold metal loop settings. Also, note the unusual rounded prongs that hold the glass cabs in place. The front has a central flower setting and flowers on arms that are medium pink rhinestone chatons.


You might attribute this brooch to Delizza and Elster, but I think it was probably made by Schiaparelli. This captivating flower design is an impressive presentation piece, and a large hand full at 2 1/4 " wide. The brooch is weighty and very well constructed. All of the glass cabs are perfect with no scratches or chips and all of the rhinestones are original, present, and sparkling.


This unique flower is in pristine, perfectly clean unworn condition.
Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.


You can add a silver brooch slider to convert this pin to a pendant at the top of the brooch category page. Sliders come with a pair of silicon stoppers to hold slider in place.