Copper Enamel Pin Signed Inga Metallic Orange Vintage Brooch #14833

Item number: 14833

This sensational copper enamel brooch is designer signed Inga and was made in the 1950s. I love Inga signed copper jewelry as the pooling, swirling colors she accomplished are vibrant and unique. No other copper enamel jewelry designer made designs that were like Inga's. Her technique was original and all her own.


This round and slightly domed brooch is accomplished in bright metallic orange with hints of white and gold. The orange is a deep sienna copper orange; not orange like the fruit. The enamels are finished with a thick clear glossy topcoat that lends the appearance of glass.


The brooch is medium-large in size at 1 5/8" or 43 mm wide. The back of the brooch is finished in a green and gold speckled finish. The brooch has the original fine working safety clasp and is signed Inga. The entire brooch is in pristine like new microscopically clean condition. The enamels both front and back are perfect with no chips, scratches, scuffs, or crazing. There is no indication of wear or flaws anywhere; not even around the perimeter.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped ina new presentation jewelry box.
You can add a gold metal brooch slider to convert this pin to a pendant by checking the option box.


* Inga Carlson was a lady of Finnish decent and in the 1950s and 1960s, she was a one woman powerhouse who made an incredible amount of copper enamel jewelry for just one lady. Not much is known about her or her business, but she was from New England and most of her jewelry was made in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She showed her copper enamel jewelry at countless art shows and was friends with many other jewelry designers, including Martha Kluz. This little bit of information was hard to come by and came to me from a relative of Inga's.