Big Vintage Pearl Pin Crystal Round Flower Brooch 1960s Jewelry #16782

Item number: 16782

This is a great BIG vintage pearl pin! In the 1960s Japan made some of the nicest big pearl flower brooches the world has ever seen.

It was a risky proposition, but they bet on a the new "fad"; of women wanting more MOD style jewelry.


They didn’t make a lot of brooches like this and most were worn and torn and tattered beyond recognition. This one has been stashed away for many decades and is in great condition!


All of the pearls and barrel facet crystals (real Austrian crystals; not plastic) are hand wired to a brooch finding. The design is stacked and layered with small, medium, and large pearls that range in size from 3 mm to 8 mm. The back is a nice large gold plated round medallion with the original.


Large in size, the brooch is 2" or 50 mm wide. The entire brooch is in pristine clean condition. All of the crystals are perfect with no chips or cracks. All of the pearls are in great shape with no loss of luster and no scratches, peeling or scuffs. The brass safety clasp/bar pin mechanism is in perfect working order but there is a darkened patina from age. The gold metal on the back has some light scratches and the brooch is signed Japan.


Come gift wrapped and shipped in new luxury presentation brooch box.