North Carolina Pottery Censer Weed Pot Jamie Kirkpatrick Pottery #19116

Item number: 19116

This is a very unusual vintage globe pot that was made in 1996-97. It can be a censer pot or a weed pot. It was made by North Carolina pottery artist Jamie Kikpatrick who is from the Greenville area but now lives in Colorado.


The pot is made of tan clay and it is not glazed. It has metallic flake in the clay that creates a glistening effect, as seen in the close up photo. The pot is decorated in a Retro curved band motif in saddle brown clay slip.


Note that this pot is a tripod design with three feet. This pot is signed with 2 stamped marks. One mark is a dove, representing peace, and the other is the initials JK.


Rather large in size, the pot is about 8" tall x 9" wide or 19 cm x 23 cm. The entire pot is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. There are some signs of wear on the clay such as scratches and scuffs and darker spots from where hands have handled the pot.


The pot smells like cinnamon but any essential oil you put in the pot, swish it around with 1/2 cup water, and the clay will absorb the new scent.