RS Prussia Porcelain Bowl Shell w Carnations 6 1/2" Red Mark #16470

Item number: 16470

Identifying and knowing the values of antique RS Prussia porcelain wares is a science in itself. There were many mold shapes and many different hand painted patterns. Most of the books in print don't even identify everything that was made.


This RS Prussia antique bowl is signed with the red lettering / green wreath mark, known as the red mark, and dates this bowl to the 1880-1917 era. RS Prussia hand painted porcelain wares are as valuable as French Limoges, if not worth more in many cases.


I cant give you an RS Prussia history lesson here but can tell you what to look for in old RS Prussian wares : basically, distinct mold shapes and fully painted designs. The more elaborate the shape and the more overall coverage of hand painted motif is generally what makes fine collector pieces.


This particular design is very uncommon to find and I have never been able to locate another one like it; not online or in 30+ years of antique shopping. Most RS Prussia 9-10" bowls are priced in the $ 225 to $ 400 range but very ornate medium size bowls are harder to find. It is also very difficult to find bowls in perfect condition and when purchasing the main factors a collector should look at are chipped rims, cracks, and faded worn paint.


This elaborate ruffled rim and shell molded bowl is completely covered with light yellow, light green, and lavender painted large flowers in many shades of pink. This is known as one of the carnation patterns. The shell molds on the rim are accented with gold as well as the stamens in the flowers.


The bowl is 6 1/4" wide x 2 3/8" tall and is signed RS Prussia. This bowl has been kept in a glass curio in my house for many decades and is in pristine clean unused condition. The paint is in excellent unworn condition and there are no scratches, chips, or cracks. There are no flea bites on the rim.


The bowl has one very minor imperfection: The bowl is 3 footed and one foot has a very small vertical sliver out of the porcelain. This is very common with antique porcelain footed bowls and does not detract from the value. It may appear that there is gold wear in small spots on the rim, but there is not. It is simply the manner in which it was applied in a dappled fashion. This is a great buy as the book value is $ 325-350.