Haviland Limoge Gold Tray Antique French Porcelain Dish #15572

Item number: 15572

This Haviland Limoge rimmed rectangular plate bears the blue circular Haviland stamp that was used on their wares made between 1879-1889.


This rimmed rectangular plate, dripping with 24kt gold decor, is very uncommon to find. It could be used for cheese and crackers, but it was not made for that. It could be used on your dresser or bath vanity to hold accessories, but it was not made for that. This plate was the base of a sauce tureen and Haviland did not made alot of tureens compared to plates and other dishes.


This tray is very rare to find. I've had this tray stored in my curio for many decades and it has never been used. The entire tray is in mint pristine condition with no factory imperfections or flaws. The white porcelain is glossy, bright, and clean, and there is no missing or worn gold. There is some micorscopic gold wear only on the tiny fine lines that join the leaves together. There are no chips, cracks, scratches, or scuffs.


The tray is medium large at 8 5/8" long x 4 1/2" wide or 220 mm x 114 mm. Over the years, I have collected many small antique porcelain trays as really unique ones catch my eye. I love to have them on my dresser or bath vanity and use them to hold little things like hair clips, jewelry, or cosmetics.


This one has never been used, my dresser and vanity are full, and this one needs a loving home!