Antique Bavarian Bowl 1940s Vintage Hand Painted Wood Exotic Flowers #16744

Item number: 16744

I have been in love with vintage hand painted Bavarian wood plates and bowls for a very long time. This captivating floral bowl was made in the 1940s. The colors are so unique, exotic, and intense! It has been unused in a glass curio cabinet here in my home for over 30 years.


The flowers and leaves have exceptional brush work detail. The flowers are hot fuchsia, neon orange, pink, burgundy, yellow, and white. The leaves are layered in many shades of green, yellow, and black. The colors and the detail really jump out on the glossy black background. This bowl is very old and very rare. It is very nice condition for age.


It is large at 9 3/4" wide. The flower and leaves are glossy and in excellent condition with no fading or loss of paint. There are no serious imperfections; only some very microscopic signs of wear from gentle handling. The glossy black enamel is slightly hazed and the edges have some rough spots; simply from resting on a plate easel for so long. The back is in great shape and has a loop for hanging. The plate is not signed but Im 100% certain it is very old Bavarian.