Antique Gold Jewelry Box Victorian Art Nouveau Casket w Pink Silk #15801

Item number: 15801

Made in the early 1900's, this is an antique gold jewelry casket. For those who don't know, these Victorian style boxes were items women treasured because in most cases, they were given with a special piece of jewelry inside such as a necklace, earrings, or a ring. A jewelry box like this was not meant to hold alot of jewelry; only a few very special items.


This box is made of thick and weighty silver/grey pot metal and the gold is dark gold gilt. The molded decor of flowers and scrolls is Art Nouveau. The inside of the box and the lid are both lined with pillowed light pink silk.


You don't ever have to worry about trouble with the hinge on the lid because this particular box is one that was made without a hinge. That's nice because most old hinges on boxes this style broke, or will break, and they are almost impossible to fix. 


Medium in size, the casket is 4 1/8 long x 3 1/8 tall x 2 1/4 deep or 105mm x 75mm x 57mm. The silk is in excellent clean condition with no tears or frays and only minor hints of age. The gold gilt is in excellent condition for an antique casket box with only tiny and light minor signs of wear; better than most you will find. There are no scratches, cracks, dents, or repairs. The box is not signed.