Rose Garden 1950s Vintage Jewelry Box Porcelain w 24 kt Gold #16913

Item number: 16913

This 1950s vintage porcelain jewelry or trinket box is a delightful rose garden motif. The lid has a bright summer flower bouquet with 24kt gold accents on the corners and 24kt gold trim around the edges. All four sides of the box have a floral motif with 24kt gold accents as well. The box and lid is rectangular with scalloped or fluted sides and corners.


Medium in size, the box is 3 5/8" or 94 mm long x 2 7/8" or 73 mm wide.


The box and lid are in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. There are no chips, scratches, cracks or repairs. There is no wear to the bright floral colors and no wear to any of the 25kt gold accents. The box is not signed.