Nesting Baskets Round Set of 4 Vintage Home Decor #17081

Item number: 17081

Vintage nested baskets are perhaps one of the most utilitarian types of baskets ever made. It is also very difficult to find a full vintage set in like new condition.


This set of four perfectly round baskets were made in the late 1960s or early 1970s. The entire set is in pristine like new unused condition. I have collected and studied baskets for over 30 years. While Im at no means a basket expert I do know more than most.

In June of 1971, Nixon opened trade with China lifting a 21 year old ban that was put in place in 1950 by Truman after China entered the Korean war, siding with North Korea. One of the first trade items offered from China were nesting baskets.


At first they were natural in color only and later, color baskets were made. The baskets were very well made and in fact, the craftsmanship was excellent. Originally, they came with red and white paper labels that read " The Republic of the People of China", in both Chinese and English.


These baskets are now often seen in antique shops and online however typically only as singles; rarely if ever as the nested set. Many years ago, people broke the sets apart and sold them individually to make a bigger profit.


This set of four round nesting baskets are made of bamboo splints and stiff grass. The grass is still very stiff and like new with green still in the grass and still fragrant like fresh grass. All 4 boxes have the original red and white paper China labels.


The entire set is pristine. The largest box is 5 1/2" x 3 1/8" tall or 14 cm x 8 cm. The smallest box is 3 1/4" or 8.5 cm wide.