Dragonware 1930s Japanese Moriage Porcelain Dresser Jewelry Box #16908

Item number: 16908

Now is a great time to buy and invest in 1930 Japanese Moriage Dragonware items. Why ? Because pieces like small boxes are way under valued and under priced.


What is dragging down the price for small dragonware items? Alot of them have surfaced for sale in the past few years and because descriptions by non-collectors dont see or explain certain aspects of condition, many that are listed for sale have flaws in the Moriage or other serious imperfections or signs of wear that bring down the valuation of all pieces regardless of condition.


A box like this one in excellent condition is actually currently valued for $ 125-150.


This was originally made and sold as a cigarette box but today it is used as a desk, dresser, or jewelry box. The box is 5" x 3 3/4" and about 2 1/8" tall.


This design is not rectangular like may plain dragonware boxes and the base and lid are fluted. The moriage and satin air brushed paints are in excellent vibrant condition and the 22 kt gold trim on the lid is still in great shape as well.


The box is in excellent clean condition with no chips, cracks, or flea bites. Under very serious microscopic inspection, some very minor hints of paint wear might be detected.