Excellent Vintage 1950s Unique Sewing Basket w Silk Liner #16905

Item number: 16905

In the 1950-1970 era, the Philippines created and exported a vast array of small baskets and they are some of my all-time favorites to collect. They were made from bamboo and sweet grass and many were just simple and plain.


This is an older, charming basket from the 1950s. Not only are the sides and lid hand woven with green and gold dyed bamboo canes, but the lid is adorned with a rose pink silk flower and the inside is lined with the same rose pink silk.


It is this rose silk that dates that basket. It is a type of Chinese silk that was used in handbags and ladies clothing in the 1950s. The hand-woven decor of the basket itself also indicates this is an early artist made piece and was not mass produced.


The basket itself is in excellent pristine condition and still smells like fresh sweet grass or lemon grass. The dyed canes on the exterior have faded in color as you can see if you compare it to the original coloration on the bottom of the lid. The pink silk lining is worn in several spots along the rim and the pink flower on the lid is slightly tattered.


This great find has been stashed away and has not seen the light of day in over 40 yrs.

This unique charming basket is 6" wide x 2 1/2" tall.