Mt St Helens 1980 Pottery Vase Vintage Brown Weed Pot #16902

Item number: 16902

This Mt. St Helens pottery vase is a handled weed pot that is signed with the 1980 insignia. It is in pristine like new condition, but it is now over 40 yrs old. To the best of my knowledge, pottery that bares the 1980 seal or insignia were made in 1980. There is a lot of pottery made by this company, but only those with the 1980 insignia was actually made in 1980, right after the volcanic eruption.


The weed pot is a pyramid shape with splattered black and cinnamon brown high gloss glazes. The handle on this piece is especially well crafted. The craftsmanship of the entire piece is superb and bares the artists signature that looks like a butterfly. The glaze is also very unique as the natural volcanic origin of the ash produces a vein like appearance in the glaze. It is a glaze effect you dont see from any other pottery in the US that Im aware of.


Vintage pottery of this size and quality is highly collectible because it doesn't take up a lot of space and fits in well with many other types of pottery collections be it from North Carolina, Vermont, or Japan. Plus, this piece has a historical reference tied to it as it is made from ash from the only volcano to erupt in the US, in the history of the US.


The vase is 5 1/4 " tall x almost 4" wide across the base. The entire vase is in pristine clean like new condition with no imperfections or flaws. If you think you see patterns in the glaze that look off, they are only light reflections in the tight rib lines in the pottery. The rib lines are exceptionally tight on this piece that were made by a tool and not by the fingers of the potter.