Roosevelt Silver Dime Coin Tie Clasp 1954 Jewelry #15551

Item number: 15551

In 1954, Elvis Presley cut his first commercial record, gas was 29 cents a gallon, and the NY Stock Exchange closed at an all time high of 382. Joe McCarthy was sanctioned by Congress ending his Communist witch hunt. The words Under God were added to the Pledge of Allegiance. Hurricane Hazel slammed the North Carolina Coast during the full moon in October as a Cat 4 storm; one of 6 big storms that hit the Carolina coast in 1954-1955.


This vintage mens tie clasp is not new. It was made in the 1950s when the coin was new. The Roosevelt dime is dated 1954 and set a wide rounded silver rhodium frame. The 1950s clip is silver rhodium over brass with a large alligator spring clasp.


I have a few important things to say about this tie clasp. It was made in the 1950s as the setting and clasp mechanism is brass which dates from that decade. It is an original old design; an authentic 1950s original mens jewelry item. It was not a mass produced item and no one knows who made them, but it was a single designer from the era that made a limited supply to commemorate Roosevelt himself. As these old authentic designs are very hard to find, they are being reproduced. Crafters buy a new tie clasp blank and simply glue an old dime in it. So no, that does not qualify as a true vintage tie clasp!


The dime is in excellent condition. It is not mint, but very close as all of the fine detail is still well defined. There are no scratches or dings on the coin. There is some wear or chipping of the silver rhodium in couple of spots. On the coin frame, on the lower right side behind Roosevelt's neck there is a spot that has been restored with silver paint. On the flat area of the bar, there are some scratches and tiny specks of rhodium flaking. The back is in perfect condition with no wear.


Medium large in size, the clasp is 1 3/4" or 46 mm long. The entire clasp is perfectly clean and polished. The clasp is not signed. Comes shipped in a luxury presentation tie clasp box as pictured.