French Cloisonne 1950s Vintage Earrings Copper Blue Orchids #16116

Item number: 16116

I know Pierre Bex made earrings almost exactly like these in the 1970s but these are not Pierre Bex earrings.


To the best of my knowledge, Pierre Bex made Cloisonne jewelry that was silver metal over copper. These earrings are solid copper with no silver finish. The designs he copied, and everything he made was a copy of earlier Cloisonne jewelry that was made in France, which was made of solid copper.


In addition, the silver rhodium and brass combination clips indicate the rhodium portions have been replaced and were originally brass; and brass clips on earrings were predominately used in the 1940-1950 era. Also, Im not aware Pierre Bex made earrings clip earrings at all.


These earrings are original French Cloisonne made in France during the 1940-1950 era.


The center area of these French Cloisonne orchid earrings are cobalt blue and the petals are pooling colors of light silver blue and turquoise. Medium in size, the earrings are 1 1/4" or 30 mm wide.


You will be very pleased with the condition of the Cloisonne on these earrings as there is no crazing, no cracks, and no chips or other damage. Both earrings are in pristine clean condition and the clips are in tight working order.