Cool Turquoise Blue Flower Earrings 1960s Vintage Jewelry #11796

Item number: 11796

These super cool 1960s vintage enamel metal flower earrings have two layers of neatly folded petals. The flowing watercolor like paints were artistically air brushed in light and dark shades of turquoise.


I admire earrings that were styled and painted like these. They are hard to find in exceptional condition like this!


The earrings are lever style clips and are light weight and comfortable to wear. They measure 1 1/4" wide, or slightly larger than a US quarter.


Both earrings are in pristine condition both front and back. The enamels are glossy and there are no chips or crazing cracks. There are a few microscopic light signs of wear on the very tips of some of the petals. The clips are not worn and are strong with tight snap. The earrings are not signed, but they were most likely made in West Germany.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new earring presentation box.