Pink n Lavender Sugar Bead Necklace w Earrings 1950s Jewelry #8799

Item number: 8799

This dreamy 1950's necklace and earrings set is made is made in tropical berry colors of pinks, coral and lavender. Its a very unique combination of beads and colors - and I'll explain why.

When I look at this necklace and earring set, I can tell immediately that it was made in Hong Kong without even looking at the signed clasp.

The 3 tier necklace has a candy like combination of carved Lucite and molded plastic beads. The long oval beads you see in watercolor pinks have a white sugar texture. The semi-translucent large faceted lavender beads are Lucite. The molded rectangular rounds in shades of pink and purple have a touch of gold. Between every bead is a light pink faceted plastic spacer.


The necklace is 20" long with the chain extender and the earrings are 1" wide. The earring clips have no wear and are strong and unused. This set is in mint condition and has never been worn. All pieces are exceptionally clean as well and all are signed Hong Kong.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.

* There is a hierarchy to the destruction of what was once the US designer jewelry business mecca. It boomed from the 1920s up thru the 1960s and during this era there were over 10,000 US jewelry manufacturers in business in the US overall. In the 1940s, Japan switched from making fine sterling jewelry and other fine jewelry to glass, crystal, and other jewelry that imitated contemporary US jewelry designers. Jewelry that was less expensive to produce, and mass produced, and they made some incredible jewelry no doubt. They even imported beads and crystals from Europe as they had no big production lines for such.

Before, during, and after the Korean war, North Korea took a stab at making and exporting jewelry to the US. So did the Philippines, and then came Hong Kong. China was nowhere in the market at all. China didn't enter the export jewelry market until the late 1970s and by the 1980s, they put Japan, North Korea, the Philippines, and Hong Kong out of the jewelry export business altogether.

But Hong Kong, they really stood out of the crowd because they made some of the most unusual, wild, eccentric designs that were a far cry from anything else on the market from any country, including the US. They were the Mardi Gras of vintage costume jewelry imports.

Never dismiss vintage jewelry with a signed Hong Kong clasp. They are important and short-lived designs in costume jewelry history and will continue to appreciate in value if in excellent condition.