Kukui Nut Hawaiian Flower Necklace Vintage Jewelry #11953

Item number: 11953

This is a gorgeous hand made Hawaiian necklace ~ and it is very unique !

The unusual black beads you see are real Candlenuts or Kukui nuts, native to Hawaii. There are 23 black glossy nuts on this necklace, and each are slightly smaller than a walnut. They are also similar to walnuts as they are heart shaped, but kukui nuts are much harder than walnuts and they will not crack, chip, or fade.

The nuts are painted with beautiful red, white, and gold hibiscus flowers on both sides of the bean, so there are 2 flowers per nut. Between every nut are glowing Lavender glass moonstone beads that make the whole necklace light up!

The nuts and beads are strung on heavy gauge monofilament and there is a burgundy silk ribbon that finishes the ends. This necklace is pretty, and the bow tied behind your neck is an extra pretty touch as well!

The necklace is about 34" long and with the ribbon, it can be tied longer if you like. The entire necklace is in pristine like new condition and has never been worn.

* In Hawaii the Candlenut tree is a symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace. In ancient Hawaii, the nuts, were burned to provide light, hence the name Candlenut. The nuts were strung in a row on a palm leaf midrib, lit at one end, and burned one by one every 15 minutes or so. This led to their use as a measure of time.

Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.