Neon Green Orange Beach Balls Necklace 1960s West German Jewelry #15771

Item number: 15771

This very unique 1960s vintage necklace is part of my personal jewelry collection and it is a necklace I have never wanted to sell.
Why? Because the beads are extremely rare, wild, and wacky!
I sincerely doubt you will ever see another necklace like this one!


This necklace was made in West Germany and is signed on the back of the insert clasp.


The large beads are sectioned like beach balls in hot coral orange and bright neon green. The beads have very tiny facets all around and sparkle and shimmer like crystal or glass. The beads are an old type of shiny thermoset plastic.


Notice the unique construction of the strand. Each bead in hand wired in place and joined with loops and tiny matching neon green beads and gold foil glass seed beads.


All of these beads were not just thrown together on a cord. Each and every bead was meticulously wired, hand looped, and connected. The insert clasp is hidden by a matching neon green bead and the clasp is solid brass.


The necklace is 21" or 53 cm long when clasped.
The focal beads are 5/8" or 16 mm wide.


I have worn this necklace once or twice and having kept it in perfect like new condition, the entire necklace is pristine clean and flawless.


Comes gift wrapped and shipped in a new presentation jewelry box.