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Tales from a Mermaid's Diary - Booger Head

There are things that terrify people that they know about, but the worst things in life are terrifying things they don't know about. Irena is a commercial scuba diver who lives on a small island in the Florida Keys in the early 1980s. All of the residents on the island are commercial lobstermen. The things the lobstermen see and do above the water are far different from what Irena see's and does underwater. All who live on the island are captive victims to things that lurk in the water that don't appear to be dangerous, but can be. 

Tales from a Mermaid's Diary are short stories written and published by Veronica Roser about her life in the Florida Keys of 20 years as a commercial scuba diver. Her stories are available on all E-book platforms and available for download for $ 3.99. Get to know Booger Head. He's a legend.

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